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Let’s face it: life is busy. And, when it comes to selling your home, the busyness factor seems to rise exponentially. Unfortunately, many sellers face the dilemma of living in their home while it’s on the market. Not many of us live in a model home; we work long hours and have family and/or pets to tend to. Keeping our homes clean and properly arranged and ready for potential buyer viewings can certainly be a challenge! So, it goes without saying that selling your home while living in it can be quite stressful.

However, staging your home properly when the house initially goes on the market is essential in avoiding the potential long term stress of living in a house that is on the market for what seems like forever. Staging is guaranteed to reduce that time and get your home sold faster!

Here are a few helpful tips to get started:

1. Remove all personal photos and items.
You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, not you and your family. If they see your personal effects everywhere, they will feel more like intruders. Removing photos and personal items will give them the feeling that the house is more like a showroom than someone’s current home.

2. Reduce clutter on counter tops
Leave counters empty or decorate in three’s. Studies have shown that three items grouped together bring a sense of balance to a space. Just be sure not to overdo it. Figurines should be removed, as well as multiple counter top appliances in the kitchen and hair dryers (etc.) in the bathrooms.

3. Minimize décor
The main rule of thumb when staging your home is: less is more. Whatever you do, don’t over decorate. In addition, if your décor taste is uncommon, try being more common in an effort to cater to more individual tastes. This applies to color schemes as well. Neutral walls and floors sell houses. Ditch the bright blues and reds and go with creams and beiges.

4. Keep it clean
It should go without saying, but keeping a clean house tends to fall by the wayside during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you can’t keep the house clean yourself, consider hiring a housekeeper at least once a week. Potential buyers will notice dirty floors, grimy tile and dusty shelves. Although it shouldn’t logically affect the sale of your house, it could make a bad impression on potential buyers. This goes for pet and child areas as well. Make sure your kitty litter box is cleaned regularly and your dirty diaper bin is emptied and disinfected.

5. Empty storage areas
Potential buyers will want to peek into your garage and closets to gauge the amount of storage the home offers. Unfortunately, these are normally the most cluttered rooms in our homes. The best solution for decluttering those areas is to rent an off-site storage unit. Don’t let your clutter, clutter their view.